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If you have dreams for the future – and need help getting there – you want to consider seeking advice from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®). At Financial Planning Advisors, we may be able to help pull it all together. Maybe you want a plan to help meet rising college costs…to buy a new house in a few years…or to retire in your cherished home without having to worry about expenses.

Perhaps you’re interested in putting something aside for your children…taking steps toward expanding your business…even leaving money to your favorite charity in a tax-efficient way.

Whatever your dreams, financial planning can be the practical roadmap you need to set you on the right course.

Elizabeth Gallen Mastromarino, CFP®

Managing Director


Beth Gallen Mastromarino, CFP® is President of Van Reed Wealth Management and Financial Planning Advisors. Her responsibilities include overseeing the firms financial services practice which includes retirement, investment, estate...

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Tricia J. Salvatore Ludgate, CFP®

Financial Representative


Tricia J. Salvatore Ludgate, CFP® joined the team at Financial Planning Advisors in 1991 and currently specializes in investment management, retirement planning, college planning, individual tax planning and issues affecting...

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Nancy W. Magee, CFP Board Emeritus™

Financial Advisor

Nancy W. Magee, CFP®,  is Senior Financial Planner and founded the firm in June 1987. She made a career change to financial planning in the 1980’s after receiving a B.A. degree, cum laude, from Colby College and an M.A. in...

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Angela R. Frantz

Office Manager


Angela R. Frantz joined the team at Financial Planning Advisors in 2010 and is currently the role of Office Manager. Angela has over 25 years of financial and banking experience. Her goals are having the best possible communication...

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Gretchen L. Keith

Client Service Manager

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